Second or subsequent births

Many women come to hypnobirthing after a first traumatic labour. The joy of expecting again can be tempered by unhappy memories of the first time around which can resurface in subsequent pregnancies. Or you may have had a fairly straightforward birth (or even a hypnobirth) and just want a refresher!  Every pregnancy (and every birth) is different and even if things didn’t go exactly as you would have liked last time around it doesn’t mean that you can’t have an empowered and joyful birth this time around. Hypnobirthing is perfect for helping you to relax and relieve anxieties in pregnancy. By listening to the downloads every night before you go to sleep you will become more and more relaxed as you progress through your pregnancy. Plus the fear release hypnotherapy exercises will help you with any unresolved issues you may have lingering at the back of your mind.

You may have had a c-section and wish to have a natural birth this time round. Hypnobirthing is ideally suited for VBAC mums (Vaginal Birth after caesarean) as by gently breathing down your baby (as opposed to forced pushing) you do not put unnescessary pressure on the uterine scar.

Second-time mums often consider homebirth and many hypnobirthing mums choose to have their babies at home as it fits so well with the philosophy of hypnobirthing. Like other mammals, women in childbirth will naturally seek out a small, private place where they feel most comfortable to give birth to their babies, and what can be more comfortable than the familiarity of your own home? For the 95% of women who fall into the ‘low risk’ category, having a homebirth is a perfectly safe option. Download our paper on Homebirths to find out more.

We understand how difficult it can be to find time to yourself when you already have a child(ren). Childcare can be problematic and somehow there’s always something else to be done!  We would love you to be able to complete the full course if you can, but we are also pragmatists. Time is precious, which is why we have devised an  intensive 1-day course which is ideal for second-time mums (and Dads) who are busy running around with a toddler the rest of the  time.  In one day we can cover the basics of hypnobirthing, and you will have some wonderful me-time and the chance to bond with your partner and  unborn baby.