Image answers

In hypnobirthing we use images or visualisations a lot to help you through the birthing process. Some of the ones you may have identified on the site are:

  • The Tree (homepage): Symbolises life and the new life growing inside you.
  • Waves (homepage): In hypnobirthing we refer to surges (rather than the harsher sounding contractions). When experiencing surges it can help to visualise waves growing, peaking and diminishing as they reach the shore.
  • The rose (various pages and in the Simplyborn logo): One of the defining images of hypnobirthing. The opening flower symbolises the woman’s body unfurling slowly to allow the baby to be born. If you don’t like the image of the rose particularly, you can make up your own! It is not mandatory to use the images we suggest, just find one that works for you.
  • Hot air balloons: For the breathing we teach for the ‘up’ stage of labour, it can help to visualise a hot air balloon rising into the sky, or bubbles blowing off into the sky.
  • Ripples on a pond (Testimonials): Can help to imagine the cervix widening.