For the men

We know you’d probably much rather be watching the football on a Saturday than having to attend some hippy deep-breathing class with the Mrs.  But you’ve put on your best supportive husband face (of course dear, whatever you think is best dear) and are now facing a day (or two) on a hypnobirthing (What’s that??) course in preparation for the arrival of your new baby.

So what’s next? Well you may be surprised to hear that your wife isn’t the only one who’ll be doing the work. You as a hypnobirthing dad have a key role to play in the birth of your child. You will be instrumental in ensuring your partner has the best possible care during labour, you are the ‘mouthpiece’ of the outfit if you like; you’ll be questioning the decisions presented to you and providing calm support by reading through a script or two, providing light-touch massage when required and generally helping her relax – have a couple of funny DVDs lined up: laughter really is the best medicine.

Hypnobirthing can also be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience for you too. You may leave after the day feeling less stressed, more refreshed and alert, thanks to the group relaxation exercises we will all do together.  And many dads appreciate the opportunity to really bond with their unborn child.

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‘Words are the most powerful drug known to man’ Rudyard Kipling

What dads have said:

‘It was really informative, balanced, and in my view had the right mix of sciences, experience, common sense and wisdom. ‘ Chris

 ‘Thank you for the trust in herself and empowerment your seminar brought about. To say that it has changed her perspective on childbirth would be a gross understatement. The birth was calm, and the word that really comes to mind is not “pain”, although there were a number of painful moments, but “intense”. We kept on breathing, visualising the sea, focusing on the road ahead and the result is that the birth went really well and today we also have a calm, relaxed baby.’  Nuno

 ‘My wife and I have three children, one hospital born and two subsequent home births using the Hypnobirthing technique. To say that we have experienced the extremes of child birth would be to put it mildly. I have seen my wife deliver with both physical and emotional trauma and then have also seen her deliver with a calmness and serenity that defied my previous held belief.’ Anon

Hypnobirthing really helped us. It really works! ‘  Anon